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Family Members of Addicts

Whether your family member is in Recovery or active addiction, we can help. We work with these individuals – the loved ones, the partners, the family members – to make sure they get the support they need as well.

Anxiety & Depression

We help you understand the impact on your life anxiety & depression are having, and how to accept them with an attitude of self compassion, enabling you to lead the life you want.


We’ll work to rekindle the relationship and to return to the love & friendship you once had. We also provide discernment counseling to help determine the best direction to take their relationship.

Young Adults

Many young adults are working to adjust to major life changes. We can work to build skills to adjust to adulthood.

Online Counseling Is Accessible & Effective

Mountainside Counseling has been providing virtual therapy options for years. Now, more than ever, we have seen the importance of this platform. We are able to provide more accessible and comprehensive services to our clients in a way that is convenient for them. Not only is online counseling a convenient option, it is also effective. 

Who We Work With At Mountainside Counseling Center

  • Individual work with people who feel lost, who are not leading the life they want.
  • Couples who used to have a thriving friendship, but that seems like a long time ago.
  • Couples who are either fighting a lot about silly things and big things, or are on the brink of divorce. 
  • Couples who don’t know if they should stay together or not. 
  • People in recovery and/or couples who have one or more people in recovery.  

Meet Your Therapist

Chuck Beardsley, LCSW

Chuck is the Founder of Mountainside Counseling Center. He works with couples and individuals to help them get unstuck and overcome challenges in their lives and relationship. Learn more about Chuck's experience & specialties.

Two Mountain Metaphor

A description of the ACT relationship is exemplified by the Two Mountains Metaphor: Therapist: It’s like this. You and I are both kind of climbing our own mountains of life. Imagine that these mountains are across each other in a valley. Perhaps, as I climb my mountain I can look across the valley, and from my perspective, see you climbing your mountain. What I can offer to you as a therapist is that I can comment from my perspective, to give you my viewpoint from outside of your experience. It is not that you are broken; it is not that I am always skillful with my own barriers. We are both human beings climbing our mountains. There is no person who is “up,” while the other is “down.” The fact that I am on a different mountain means I have some perspective on the road you are traveling. My job is to provide that perspective in a way that helps you get where you really want to go.

How It Works

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You can reach out to us in a variety of ways. The easiest way is to click here and schedule your session online. If you prefer, you can also contact us first to discuss why Mountainside Counseling may be the right fit for you. Go to our contact page to discuss.



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Frequently Asked Questions.

Learn more about starting therapeutic services with Mountainside Counseling.

Are all services virtual?

Yes all sessions are online. We have found, and studies show, that online sessions are just as effective as in person sessions. Use our contact page to reach out to us if you want to discuss online counseling & if it is right for you.

Do you accept insurance?

We are not an in-network provider and do not submit for out-of-network benefits.  

Do I have to come every week? And how long do I have to come?
How Often?
In order to get the most out of therapy once a week is certainly the best case scenerio-especially at the beginning of treatment.  

How long do I come? 

 That depends on the goals for treatment, which we establish up front when you come in, and we revisit throughout the course of our work together.  I have several clients who I’ve been seeing for several years, once a week.  I also have had many clients who come in to work on a specific situation or emotional turmoil in their life, and once they achieve a level of functioning, insight and/or clarity about it, we decide together that they can finish treatment.  It depends.  
Are you going to tell me what to do? If I want to leave my relationship are you going to try to get me to stay?

You really are the guide to the direction we take in our therapy.  I am a direct therapist, and I don’t hold back on offering my take on things-but no, I will not be telling you what to do, trying to convince you to either stay or leave, or presume to know what’s best for you.

I will, however, take your direction on what you want out of therapy-and help you make the healthy wise decisions you need to make for yourself.  And we can take as long as you like to decide, because doing nothing while we look for clarity is in fact doing something.

Does therapy really work? And how will we know if its working?
This one’s easy-we’ll know if it’s working because I’ll ask you from time to time “Is this working?”  If you aren’t sure then we have work to do together to establish clear goals or directions to our work, and to continue to check in with each other about whether the therapy is helpful or not.

Does therapy really work? And how will we know if its working?
This one’s easy- we’ll know if it’s working because I’ll ask you from time to time “Is this working?”  If you aren’t sure then we have work to do together to establish clear goals or directions to our work, and to continue to check in with each other about whether the therapy is helpful or not.

Do we have to talk about the past? I’ve been in therapy before, and my other therapist was always talking about my mother-do I have to do that?
You don’t have to talk about anything you don’t want to, no.  If it makes sense to talk about your past, of course we may hear about that.  Learning about your past is also an important part of getting to know you, and understand you.  But I’m much more interested in the present than I am in the past.  

Psychotherapy At Mountainside

If you are feeling overwhelmed, you are not alone. More than 25% of adults experience anxiety, depression or other mental health issues in any given calendar year. 

As adults we struggle with many life challenges such as job losses, relationship issues, substance abuse, stress, grief, and so much more. At times, these problems can become debilitating and interupt our ability to live our fullest and most productive lives. 

If you are feeling stuck, psychotherapy can be a wonderful option. Therapists at Mountainside Counseling Center focus on techniques and strategies that will help you heal, find wholeness and learn constructive ways to deal with the problems you are facing in your life. 

Our team can help you work through your problems during therapy so you can lead a  more productive, happier and more fulfilling life. Psychotherapy is a supportive process that can provide a great benefit as one goes through difficult periods of life that can often leave one under increased stress