Counseling For Depression

You feel down more often than not.

Lately, you’re questioning the meaning of it all.

Why even bother to go on this way?

In acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), depression and anxiety are often viewed as two sides of the same coin. How so? Often, we are anxious about future stuff. Or, feeling sad and depressed about the past. ACT is useful to help each of us cope with these difficult feelings.

Online Counseling for Depression in New Jersey

Mountainside Counseling uses ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) for Depression.


Like anxiety, depression can be crippling. At least when we’re feeling anxious, there’s the energy behind it to do things. We may not be doing things in our best interest, but when we feel anxious we are usually capable of doing something. Then, when we feel depressed there’s a different kind of energy behind it. Perhaps a sloth or “underwater” type of feeling. And, depression is a valid feeling. So, when I talk to my clients about depression, I am not afraid to use the word depressed or depression. This is important to describe feeling worse than “sad” and feeling hopeless.


ACT Therapy and Psychological Flexibility

One of the core concepts that ACT cultivates is called psychological flexibility. The depressed mind is focused on the negative view. Despair, hopelessness, and it does not seem to be any room for energy to think about anything else. Depression can be all-consuming.

Depression therapy can help you name the actual emotions so you can do the work of dealing with them.

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