Nancy Williams, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

“I believe in the healing power of laughter. I bring humor into sessions to help my clients see their own narrative in a new light.”

My Story

I love helping people find that spark in them that makes them see their lives differently and helps them to get in touch with goals they hadn’t realized were there. When I begin sessions with clients, we set goals and identify what they would like to work on. Then, throughout our journey together, we discover new goals along the way that we didn’t realize were there.
I like helping people to find the spark in their creativity. I have found that when we have passion, we find we can rely on ourselves. I help my clients to achieve this so they can feel stable in themselves no matter their relationships. But that doesn’t mean we don’t also work on relationships. We work on developing stronger relationships too. We’ll look at what you can develop in yourself that will make you feel less dependent, focussed, obsessed, etc.
At times my approach to therapy is gentle. At others, I am straight forward. It depends on on what the client needs. I will meet you where you are. Some people need more gentle, safe kindness before they can begin to open up. Other people know the problems they are here to solve and I take a direct approach with them. Through a combination of CBT, psychodynamic and solution-focused, and attachment therapy approaches, I find a style that works for you.
When I’m not in sessions with my patients, I am a passionate person with lots of hobbies. I love to try new foods, practice adult coloring, forage for mushrooms, boogie board, hike, cook, paint, write, and so much more.


People who are pushing their feelings down

People suffering from codependency

Helping people to seek less validation and feel more confident & stronger in themselves

Restricting food, binge/purge cycles or overeating

Helping people find the healing power in themselves

People overcoming trauma who are no longer feeling safe in the world

Overcoming trust issues

People who are struggling to understand feelings of anger

People learning to process difficult emotions