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It isn’t just convenient. It’s effective.

Online therapy is not new, and it’s not new to our practice. 


Let’s face it, the entire world has changed.  We don’t know for how long, and if we’ll ever be back to what we used to call “normal” again. During this COVID 19 pandemic, these big changes have been a shock to the emotional system. Grief, sadness, anxiety, depression, fear, and panic are just some of the symptoms many of us are experiencing. Now, and for some, more than ever. Some of us have sick family members or friends or have lost loved ones. Some of us have lost income and work, or are struggling to support a spouse or kids who have suffered losses due to the virus.

Though telehealth has no become common practice, it is not new. Telehealth continues to be an effective way to receive treatment. And it is more convenient and accessible than typical environments. 

Studies show that for the right people, online therapy works just as well as in-person sessions.

How It Works

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