Counseling For People In Recovery

Do you need more support now that you have completed treatment? 

Do you need more help and support in addition to your 12-step program? 

Online Counseling for People in Recovery in New Jersey

Sometimes working the 12-steps isn’t enough


People who relapse after many years of sobriety sometimes need extra help. Help to initiate and maintain their commitment to recovery once they return.  People first coming home from an inpatient stay have become used to the structure of an IOP or inpatient facility. Now, only to find that the 12 step recovery model is truly self-help. In other words, they are now on their own to create and maintain their structure for recovery.
In offering therapy to addicts and alcoholics, we use a variety of tools to really help you get the best results. For example, in counseling sessions for alcoholism or addition, we’ll use several different therapy methods. We may use ACT, Gestalt, motivational interviewing and mindfulness and meditation techniques. 
Taking this approach enhances their 12 step recovery.
Trouble managing relationships with family members and friends now that you're clean
Maintaining commitment to abstinence and recovery as a way of life
Finding fun and meaning in life after letting go of the very thing that brought meaning for so long
The body-adapting healthy physical habits to allow the body and mind to heal from the pounding they just took from years of Alcohol and drug use

If you’re newly sober in AA or returning from rehab, you’ve got a long road ahead of you as you embark on a life of recovery.  Must of your life is changing. In fact, many of the things you did and people you hung out before are no longer a good fit. And many of your closest relationship are difficult now that you are sober. The truth is, addicts and alcoholics are being asked to give up the one thing that used to work when things got tough. And that’s not easy to give up. But, the truth is that thing was not working anymore. And, there’s a gap between rebuilding a sober life and letting go of the previous life. 

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