Counseling For Teenagers

Does your teenager seem to be headed down the wrong path?

Have they recently picked up some bad habits, started hanging out with a new group of friends, or had a noticeable change in their mood?

Do you suddenly feel so far away and disconnected from the child you raised?

Online Counseling for Teenagers in New Jersey

Therapy for teens can provide the skills necessary for appropriately exploring independence.


At Mountainside Counseling Center, we know you’re trying your best as a parent to get through to your teen. However, in the age of Instagram, Snapchat, and a million Tiktok dances, it’s more difficult than ever to relate to adolescents.

Our resident adolescent therapist, Nicole, is young and knowledgeable in millennial and Generation-Z issues, slang, and trends. She is an expert at balancing this knowledge of teen therapy with her several years of family therapy experience. Thus, she creates an environment where teens feel safe to express their thoughts and feelings, while still holding them accountable for the effects their behaviors have on others. They will learn to safely explore the independence that comes with this phase of life while also learning responsibility and respect.

The Mountainside Counseling Center Approach to Teen Therapy

The most important aspect of therapy for teenagers is a strong bond between them and the therapist. This is important for all therapeutic relationships, but even more so with teens who do not trust easily and may have had a negative experience with authority.

Narrative Therapy for Teens

You are the author of your own life story and have the power to change it. This framework promotes good self-esteem as well as claiming one’s personal agency, encouraging teenagers to take personal responsibility. Teenagers can be proud of the events they “write” themselves.

Internal Family Systems Therapy for Teens

This style of therapy promotes internal awareness and personal responsibility by personifying the internal “parts” of oneself. For example, there are parts that hold your teen’s pain. There other parts that help them manage their day-to-day life. Also, there are parts prone to using their unhealthy coping skills. By getting to know each “part” and when they’re most active, your teen will get an excellent sense of who they are, what makes them feel the way they feel, and how to balance all these emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.


Parental Involvement in Teen Therapy

A strong support system is crucial to a teen’s healthy development. For this reason, therapy for teenagers often begins by meeting with the parents or other family members to discuss all angles of the issues at hand. From there, the therapist and teenager will have session independently from the family, though family sessions may be scheduled on occasion. The details of your teenager’s individual sessions will remain private, per the guidelines set by law. Of course, you will be alerted if your child is in immediate danger.

Feelings of depression and/or anxiety
Behavior problems such as defying authority
Substance abuse
School and extra-curricular activity-related stress
Social pressure and challenges
Low self-esteem
Identity concerns

You’re not imagining it— it’s really hard to be a teenager, especially now. Not only do you have school and social pressures, but of course there’s the added challenge of social media. You’re always “on,” even when you’re by yourself. It’s draining, and your parents don’t know what that’s like. They don’t know how it feels to try and figure out who you are while everyone’s watching on Instagram. Mom didn’t experience “popularity” as a literal number next to their username on Tiktok. And Dad never had to interpret a Snap that’s just someone’s face, no caption.

With this giant disconnect in your experiences—arguably bigger than any generation gap in recent history— it makes a lot of sense that you and your parents aren’t getting along right now. However, I can help. I know how to tap into the good stuff that’s already inside you, so you can finally feel like you’re the one in control of your own life. Your parents gave you roots, but now it’s time to start taking your wings.

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