Counseling For Young Adults

Therapy For Young Adults & Millenials

Do you feel like you can’t keep up with all the challenges adulthood is throwing at you?

Does it seem like everyone around you is getting engaged or married, having babies, or traveling the world?

Are you struggling to find your place in life, particularly after a major shift such as a breakup, move, or job shift?

About Counseling For Young Adults

Counseling can help you gain skills to help you adjust to adulthood.


It’s true that Millennials and Gen Z have lived through very challenging circumstances, but you also have a unique strength. You were born at a time when the world began moving faster than it ever has before. Because of that, your brains were literally wired to move faster than those born in different generations. You had to keep up with it all. This makes you an excellent candidate to reach your therapy goals— you’re extremely adaptable. Of course, that doesn’t mean change will be easy, but at the very least, easier to conceptualize.

Imposter Syndrome, or the feeling you don’t deserve your success
Feelings of anxiety related to life changes
Burnout from an influx of responsibility
Being unsure of one’s place in the world
Feelings of depression following a major life change
Comparison-based self-esteem issues

How It Works

Ready to get unstuck? Help is on the way.

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