Counseling For Anxiety

Anxiety is something everyone has felt at one time or another.


Anxiety can be crippling if you’re suffering from it severely. Anxiety is a feeling that many of us recognize in our bodies. Sweating, heart palpitations, upset stomach. All of these physical symptoms can be difficult for sure.


ACT therapy (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) is an effective tool for anxiety treatment. The paradox of anxiety is this: our struggle to push away and illuminate the feelings of fear and anxiety can actually cause fear and anxiety to increase. It is counterintuitive when dealing with anxiety that the solution to suffering from anxiety is continuing to suffer.

Online Counseling for Anxiety in New Jersey

Mountainside Counseling uses ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) for Anxiety.


Even though anxiety creates these physical symptoms, anxiety is a thinking problem. Anyone who has suffered from anxiety knows that it’s the thinking that we struggle with. If only I could get rid of this thinking, then I wouldn’t be so anxious. And, therein lies the paradox. ACT therapy shows us to accept this thinking, notice it, and label it for what it is. Then, take a loving and accepting stance towards it, while not allowing yourself to become “Hooked” on the thoughts. These thoughts can seem to drag us away from the life we want, after hooking us.

We don’t try to get rid of thoughts, but we don’t allow them to run the show either. Any student of thinking knows that the more we try NOT to think of something, often that’s the very thing we can’t STOP thinking about. And, the more we think about things that we feel afraid of, the more anxious we’ll feel.
ACT therapy is full of tools and exercises to help you be present in the moment. To allow whatever is happening to happen, including anxious feelings. In ACT therapy, we talk about making wise choices towards our values. Choices towards what we find important. Not allowing anxiety to make those choices for us. It’s the struggle to control these feelings and thoughts that perpetuates anxiety, instead of relieving it.
Notice when we’re fused with our thoughts
Be mindful to allow the present moment to occur
Consider what wise actions we can take to cultivate our core values
Make a committed action toward the life we want
Understand we may feel anxious while we try to do these things

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