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Online Counseling for Family Members of Addicts in New Jersey

Family Addiction Counseling is the Next Step After Addiction Treatment

Many family members came to our family nights hungry for information. Looking for understanding. Craving compassion. Seeking validation. And, to just have a place to vent their frustration at the devastation brought on by the addict or alcoholic in their life.

When a person finishes treatment, the family can be left with nowhere to turn. They often thought things would get back to “normal.”  Often, the family members put a lot of stress and pressure on the newly sober person. Pressure to get a job, make amends, and put this whole addiction thing behind them.

When the addict finishes treatment successfully, I call that a good start.  This can be pretty bad news to a family member who has endured years of various kinds of abuse by their loved one.  And the idea that the wife or brother needs some help of their own. Well, the addiction isn’t THEIR problem, so why do they need help?


Think about it this way:  It’s as if your son, wife, husband, or whoever the addict is in your life, they ran you over with a truck.  And they got out, came over to you, and asked what they could do, and you said “I need you to fix my leg!”  That’s not realistic. The driver of the truck isn’t a doctor. And, doesn’t have the tools to repair the damage they did.  They express remorse, they want to help, but they’re not qualified to fix your leg, even though they broke it.


That’s where Mountainside Counseling comes in. In family addiction counseling, wemeet with family members who still have an active addict in their lives. Then, help them to find out what is their comfort level of support and commitment to the addict. We also work with family members of people who have recently returned from an inpatient stay or are beginning their recovery These family members are sometimes confused about what to say and do with their “new”, sober family member.  They also sometimes want to know, need to know, how the family member is doing. Without the constant support of the drug counselor now that they’ve returned from treatment.

We help family members educate themselves on the ongoing process of recovery. Then, enable them to access recovery for themselves. And, finally, help them make the decisions necessary for their lives to return to them.

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