Chuck Beardsley, LCSW

Certifield Relational Life Therapy Counselor

Level Three Gottman Therapist

“I really began my segue into therapy by being a satisfied customer of psychotherapy myself first.”

My Story

I am a licensed clinical social worker who has worked with individuals and couples for over 15 years. Originally from Wisconsin, I moved to New York City after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee  in 1984.  After a successful 15 year career in the music industry in New York, I changed careers and attended New York University.

While working on my Master’s degree in social work from NYU, I began to work for the Center for Court Innovation at the Red Hook Community Court, as a caseworker.  I worked in the court system in Brooklyn for several years, offering treatment as an alternative to incarceration to Misdemeanor offenders in The Red Hook Community Court, and later to felony defendants in the Brooklyn Mental Health Court.

I also have experience and education with:  Buddhist meditation and contemplative practices.  I am a daily meditator and meditation teacher, and my approach to therapy is informed by the psychological theories of Buddhism and mindfulness techniques.

I currently live in Scotch Plains, NJ with my Wife, two daughters, and a goldendoodle named Barley.  I am an avid Green Bay Packer fan, like to snowboard, bike, run and scuba dive.  Last year I began to compete in Triathlons.  I was a jazz musician in high school and college, and continue to have a deep connection to music, and am currently taking guitar lessons.


Helping people become Unstuck

Helping with life changing decisions or changes

Helping manage your life in spite of your thinking

Help people decide what’s important, and helping them make decisions in line with those values

Helping people accept their life circumstances exactly the way they are-to be present for what is really happening

Helping people to give themselves a break, and offer themselves some self-compassion

Helping couples learn how to complain well

Helping couples turn towards each other instead of away

Helping couples be relational-rather than adversarial

Helping couples heal from infidelity, addiction recovery, or big life changes

Chuck is a Certified Relational Life Therapy Counselor and is a Level Three Gottman Therapist.

A lot of my clients say they are worried that we’ll have to talk a lot about the past, and drudge up old wounds.

I work with people to help them find out what is working for them, and what is not working for them in their lives right now.  We may need to talk about the past but for the most part, I try to stay in the now. The work here really is: How can I help you create a life of meaning, joy, and happiness now.